I didn’t understand anything in medicine - Ефим Шабшай. Театр Upgrade мировоззрения
From the series of performances “Parables”

I didn’t understand anything in medicine

The hero of the play will have to cure Sultan. His life is at stake, but he knows nothing about medicine.

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The 14th century, the Great Ottoman Empire controls half of the world. And then, quite suddenly, a mysterious illness strikes Sultan the Great.

The best physicians and doctors from all over the world come to the palace of the Sultan. But everything is in vain. The state of Sultan is deteriorating day by day. His life, as well as the life of the Empire, are in mortal danger.

To Hodzhagan Sufi order, which is the most authoritative and influential in the territory of Central Asia, and which is chaired by a great Master Naqshbandi, messengers arrive from the Ottoman Empire. The Order receives an offer which is difficult to resist.

Sultan's representatives want them to select a doctor who will treat the disease. Otherwise, the order will be destroyed. Naqshbandi takes up the gauntlet. By some strange reason, the representative of the Order in this important case is appointed a person who knows nothing about medicine.

The story is based on real historical events.

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