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From the series of performances “The World through the Eyes of a Genius”

Leonardo da Vinci

The one who gazes at a star, does not stray away

An artist, sculptor, inventor, engineer, musician, mystic…

A Genius, whose biography is described in dry facts, not giving understanding of his personality’s scale.
A Genius, who got ahead of time for centuries
A Genius, whose inventions are not completely studied or implemented.
A Genius, who described the essence of his life in the following lines:

It is up to rather lose motion, than to get tired.
The motion is likely to disappear, rather than usefulness.
Death, rather than fatigue.
I am insatiable in serving.
I do not get tired when bringing benefit to others.
All kinds of work can’t make me tired.

The hands, in which like snowflakes, ducats and precious stones are falling, will never get tired to serve, and this serving is for the good sake, but
not for our profit.

Certainly, the Nature created me like that.
Hurdle does not bend me.
Any kind of hurdle is destroyed by persistence.
The one who gazes at a star, does not stray away.

This performance is devoted to Leonardo da Vinci – a great Genius, equal to whom it is difficult to find in the whole history.

Through the means of stage and magical power of art Yefim Shabshai will tell us about unknown sides of da Vinci’s personality, about the meaning of his works and his influence on the history of the mankind.

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