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Ефим Шабшай
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From the series of performances “The World through the Eyes of a Genius”

Steve Jobs

Genius of Marketing

Cooming soon...

Steve Jobs is a person, who has become a legend alive. He is being worshiped, they make films about him, set operas, he is being imitated, he has become a household name.

Like around any great personality, around Steve Jobs there has always been and still remain, both admirers and fans, and blamers. But his name, even after some years of his passing away, still can’t leave anyone indifferent.

Who is he?

An idealist, uncompromising leader, perfectionist, fanatically focused on aims;

A technologist who has made a contribution to virtually in all achievements of the progress in computer technologies over the last 40 years;

A genius visionary of the future trends, creator of the gadgets ahead of time;

However, claimed that "Any of his technology is ready to die for just one meeting with Socrates”.

Touch upon the thinking of the Genius, penetrate into his world, learn something, which has not been written in any of his biographies at the performance given by Yefim Shabshai, devoted to one of the most outstanding and extraordinary personalities of the century – Steve Jobs.

Performance by Yefim Shabshai is always the upgrade of your outlook, deep immersion into the essence of the things, new indescribable impression. Don’t miss your chance to touch the legend.

Perfomance photos:

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